The Experience

Below we are going to walk you through the experience that you will have with us starting at the first meeting and continuing through to helping you select artwork for purchase at your design consultation

The Photography Experience

There are three stages of the Photographic Experience, which we will go through below one at a time.

These three stages include:

- Discovery Process -

- The Photography session -

- The Premiere & Design Presentation -

This 3 year old, loves to dance, Disney princesses and costumes, and story time with her family. Learning about those moments from her Mom and Dad, let us to want to create a story time moment with her favorite Disney character of the moment of The Beast. What a touching moment.

1. Discovery Process

Your Planning Consultation is where we will take you on a journey to customize your photographic experience so that it reflects you and you personality. This usually consists of a series of phone calls leading up to your photo shoot, to discuss each family member as well as to stat to get an idea of where you would love to display the artwork that is created.

After learning about you and your family, we will create several amazing ideas for your customized photographic experience and we will narrow those down to the ideas you love the most.

We will schedule a date and time for you as well as assist you in suggestions on how to prepare.

2. Photography Session

Your Personal Photographic Experience that captures the essence of you and the people you love the most. An amazing time reconnect with your loved ones and share your love with one another.

These are all custom designed experienced based on what we discover about your family and what ties in well with those ideas. All of the photo sessions are done on location. That can be at your home or at another location that we feel fits the idea perfectly.

The length of each photo shoot varies, but you should expect to spend 1 to 2 hours. The best time of day for this is normally after the first hour or two of sun rise or a few hours before sunset. This creates the best lighting conditions. If you have children however, we will take into account the time of day that they are at their best as well.

A terrific moment capturing between these three brothers during their family portrait session. We encourage the kids to be who they are during their photoshoot so that they are involved and having fun.

This couple loves preparing Paleo meals together in their kitchen. So we followed them and photographed them shopping at the local market and then their home cooking, followed by a presentation of the artwork right in their own home.

3. The Premiere & Design Presentation

Your Premiere and Design Presentation where we will assist you in the selection and customization of your Artwork that will bring life to your home. Artwork that will become heirlooms for future generations to cherish.

It's now time for the premiere! We offer this service a few days after your photo session right at your own home. Using a projector and state of the art presentation software, we are able to present to you some ideas that we think would be a great compliment to your photos and a great fit for the space of your home. The projector allows us to project directly to your wall at actual size, which helps eliminate some of the guest work.

At the end of this design consultation, you will have your artwork selected and ordered and it will soon be delivered to your home ready to enjoy.

Here is a Dad and Daughter photographed in their back yard in Frisco Texas. The guys play a crucial part in the photographic experience and we make sure to involve them every step of the away, especially with listening to what it is that they love about their families. This could also make an amazing Father's Day Gift.

Finished Artwork

Below are some examples of some of our most popular finished art pieces. Be it artwork for your wall, ,to set out on a coffee table, or even display in your office, these will look amazing

Wall Art

Metal Prints

canvas engagement photography artwork living room


Acrylic Prints

Luxury Print Boxes

The luxury print boxes are absolutely stunning. You have your choice of one of two box types. The first is the all polished wood box with a glass top that you see pictured to the right. It is lined in a beautiful black felt and features piano hinges. It also has a lock that it allows for the box to safely stand up and showcase one of the photos through the top glass

The other option is a box that looks similar but that is wrapped in the finest Italian Leather. 

Both box options come in your choice of White or Black. Boxes are included with the purchase of 10 or more matted prints


Custom Leather Albums

These beautiful handmade leather albums make a great compliment to your wall art collections. They present a different option for you then the Luxury Print Boxes, and come with many cover options to pick from. 

These albums are a finished bound album with genuine photographic prints that will look amazing displayed in your home. 

Also ask us about our album display stands. 

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The best way for us to get started is to plan a time to have a conversation on the phone, or to schedule for you to come by and see our design gallery and all of the amazing artwork options that we have available. 

All times are by appointment. We are located on the border of McKinney and Frisco near Independence High School and Heritage. 

We are excited to meet you!