Dallas High School sports portraits of football player from prosper on field in suit

Dallas High School Sports Photos

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We are taking Dallas High School Sports Photos to a whole new level! The original home of the Fashion Sports Portraits, we focus on mixing the world of fashion and sports together, resulting in photographs like you would see in GQ, Sports Illustrated, and Esquire Magazine.

We will photography any sport, not just Football, Baseball, and Basketball. We have so many creative ideas for every sport that we can’t wait to keep going. Give us a call so we can start planning a custom photo shoot for your son or daughter. They are available for both boys and girls, and also not just for seniors. Athletes of any age can participate. 

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high school sports photos of prosper football receiver running across field in suit

Devin was a starting cornerback for the Prosper Eagles Football team and will be graduating in 2019. We photographed these High School Sports photos at the practice field of Prosper High. Since he was a corner and at times a wide receiver, I like the idea of him taking off the line in his suit as if the ball had just been snapped. It was fun watching him and the rest of the team this year. See more of Devin’s High School Sports photos

dallas girls basketball senior pictures on court in suit and heels

We LOVE this photo. Jordyn is one of the top girls basketball players in the country. She plays for the Prosper Lady Eagles and was just named an All-American. Jordyn’s photos were in a two part photo shoot, one at the arena and one outside. For inside we went with her tux that she wore to homecoming, and matched her red bow tie with these red heels. We later switched the heels to red converse. 

mckinney north football senior pictures sitting on tire in suit

Rocco goes to McKinney North. Football was a part of his life growing up, so we decided to do some photos on the field with him. This is actually photographed at Roach Middle School in McKinney which is right down the street from our studio. I liked the more rustic feel of this field and noticed it had some practice equipment laying around like this tire. It made for a perfect mix of rough meets this awesome blue suit.

allen athlete crushes football in senior pictures in sports jacket

Mo was a cornerback for the State and National Champion Allen Eagles. Their impressive stadium behind him is matched by his impressive performance on the field. We had the pleasure to watch him on the field making big plays for his team. Mo came up with this idea on his own during the shoot when we asked him to just do something interesting. He delivered. You also can see the impressive Championship ring.  

prosper lacrosse senior goalie posing in the net and with stick for senior portraits

Lee we actually photographed as a two sport athlete. Photographed here with Prosper Lacrosse, he also was a starter on the Eagles football team. Lee is a talented goalie for the Lacrosse team which is a club sport at the High School. You can see some of his football photos below.

mckinney north girls volleyball senior sports portraits on sand court

Sofie played girls volleyball for the McKinney North Bulldogs. Where do you get a beach in the middle of Texas? This sand volleyball court was perfect! It was at Sofie’s church in Allen that we found the sand volleyball court. 

prosper senior football player sitting on field for senior photos

Here is one of Lee’s Highschool sports photos for football that I talked about above. Lee was one of our first photo shoots when we first developed the idea of the Fashion Sports Portraits. His mom Rhonny also owns Rhonny K Designs where she makes beautiful custom caps for graduation and other items. Check her site out to order yours and all your spirit wear. 

girls track at allen with a senior for sports portraits

Yes, we photograph all sports! We are super excited that new sports continue to come on board. This is a Fashion shoot with High School Track & Field photographed at Allen High School. We wanted an outfit that would catch in the wind as she took off running across the track. The yellow shoes really give some pop to the outfit. We love photographing high school sports photos

prosper senior sitting on football practice field in suit for senior portraits

Derien played for the Prosper Eagles football team and had a great season going to the second round of the playoffs. They took on a very tough team in Longview who went on to win the entire State Championship. Photographed at the High School practice field, we used a lot of the practice equipment for posing. His parents purchase this photo as a beautiful canvas wall print for their home. 

photos of soccer player by a goal in a vest for senior portraits

He was a former high school soccer player who went on to. play minor league professional soccer. We photographed him at the McKinney Soccer Complex at Craigs Ranch. 

plano senior pictures at boxing gym sitting on the red ropes

Keaton’s High school Sports photos were a total blast. Keaton is an amateur boxer and enjoys it for the exercise and focus. He attended Plano Senior High. So we called up the folks at Title Boxing Club in McKinney and they allowed us to do his photo shoot there. 

mckinney football player takes high school sports photos in a blue suit

Another photo from Rocco’s High School Sports photos taken at the local middle school. We added some color toning to this one to give it an even more warm feeling that matched the field as well as the sun setting behind him. 

mckinney north girls volleyball photos against net in sand volleyball court

Sofie from Mckinney North High School looks stunning in this blue flowing dress. Sand Volleyball was a fun way to give her photos a more stylish feel.

prosper high student in blue shirt on football field throwing ball

As part of Derien’s sports portraits, we did a second outfit that was more casual. You can see when comparing to his suit photos, once we switched to the more relaxed outfit, we also changed the mood of the photo to match.

jordyn oliver jumping for a basket in a suit and posing for the camera red bow tie

This was a really fun part of Jordyn’s senior portraits at Prosper. We switched out the red high heels for the red canvas shoes and had some fun. We wanted to get her in some action shots and also some fun poses giving some attitude and swagger towards the camera. The 2019 banner in the background was a happy accident.

nick trice sitting on ledge at allen football stadium for high school sports photos

Nick Trice was the starting center for the Allen High School football team. A very important part of any team and he will touch the ball on every play. Making sure the quarterback gets the ball and is protected. Photographed at the Allen Eagles stadium. 

prosper kicker kicking field goal for senior portraits in suit

Brandon was one of the backup kickers for Prosper this year, having switched positions from wide receiver after a hand injury. It was fun to do this action shot of him kicking for a field goal at Reynolds Middle School. We travel all over the place for high school sports photos.

allen senior takes photos at the football stadium in a hoody in the bleachers

For Brendan’s photos, we wanted to do something a bit different at the Allen Stadium and get more of an aerial view in the background. So we hiked up the steps to the second level and got this fun shot sitting on the rails.

high school senior holding football stretched out in front of clouds

This has become a bit of a signature pose that we do with a. lot of the high school sports photos. It works best on days with dramatic skies like we had that evening. Photographed in Prosper Texas

prosper high school sports photos girls basketball player in bleachers jordyn oliver

We know there was something interesting with these green bleachers that just looked like a sea behind her. There was a symmetry to it in a way. Green being part of the school colors really fit well for the senior portraits in the Prosper basketball arena.

senior student on the allen football field for senior photos in a suit

Zach was a backup member of the Allen Eagles defense. Friends with Brendan above, they actually did their photo shoot together at the stadium.

allen football player high school senior in a vest and tie for senior photos

Brendan looking sharp at the Allen Stadium in a matching vest. It was a. hot day as it often is in Texas, so we took the jacket off for a few photos.

plano high school sports photos of boxing at title club mckinney

In the second half of Keaton’s Sports Portraits, we changed into his workout gear, strapped on the gloves and went a few rounds with the bags. It was a great chance to get some action shots. Thanks again to Title Boxing Club in McKinney. 

prosper girls basketball player sitting on top of scoreboard at arena

Jordyn and our team had the same idea at the same time. What if we sit on top of the scoreboard? Then we decided with the help of the coach to change the score to read 2019 and to put 3 minutes on the clock to represent her jersey number. 

boys senior photos against football goal post in blue suit

Catching a natural moment at Rocco’s photo shoot. The action in the dress as. the wind catches it, really adds another dimension to this photo.

prosper boys senior pictures of football player on field in black suit

Lee really was a natural at his photo shoot. We will also give the guys a little trick to slightly squint the bottom of their eyes, which adds a little bit of mystery to the look. 

girls sports portraits sand volleyball mckinney north

Finally, time to relax on the beach… oops sand volleyball court as the sun sets on Sofie’s Volleyball Sports Portraits

dallas high school football player jumping to catch a ball in suit

Action shots for Devin with the backdrop of these awesome clouds. Some people get worried about the day when the clouds roll in. We love them! We know it’s going to create a lot of drama in the photos with the light that we use and it always looks great. 

posing in allen blue jersey at the stadium for senior portraits

We aren’t known for our jersey photos and normally opt for a more fashion-inspired look. however, as the third outfit, we will normally work in the jersey and other things like lettermen jackets. Photographed for Allen Eagles Football.

high school senior with letterman jacket and football at prosper practice field

A casual look at the end of the shoot where we can work in the letterman jacket in a natural way. This is a great shot with the Prosper practice field behind him where he has spent so much of his high school years with both football and lacrosse.

Dallas High School Sports Photos

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