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Our goal is not just to bring you the best Dallas engagement photos, but to create an experience together that helps the two of you grow closer in your relationship. Whether you are dating, engaged, or married for years, these photoshoot experiences are a way for you to put life to the side for a while and reconnect with each other. 

Engagement photos are the building blocks and foundation for your amazing wedding photography to come. 

The experience that we help you create together is life changing and starts from the very first minute that we speak with you. Learning what he loves about his future wife is just as important as what she loves about her husband to be.

We are available to photograph your story anywhere in the world. 

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Welcome to Jeff Dietz Photography, the home of The Forever Session, for engagement photos, dating, and married couples

Why is it called the Forever Session?

We wanted to change the perception that the only times you should be photographed as a couple is when you are getting married. We also felt that the term Engagement photos had lost a lot of its meaning over the years. It was time to create something new that was a better description of what it is we help you create.

Who are these photography sessions for?

They are perfect for anyone that is in a committed relationship, who love one another and want to take those feelings you have for each other to an even deeper level. You should want to document your relationship together with professional photographs and artwork, not just when you are getting married, but also throughout your relationship. This can be for your engagement photos, dating, or even perfect for if you have been married for several years and want to rekindle your connection to one another. 

What is the style of these photographs?

Each person and couple is unique and therefore so are your pictures. We want these photographs to represent something meaningful to you. Some people enjoy more of a photojournalism approach to their photos, and others enjoy more of a fashion magazine look and feel, which we are most known for. Each session typically has a little bit of both styles mixed together. Some of the most fun aspects of these photo shoots are all of the time we put into getting to know the two of you before the photos are even taken. This helps us create something truly special. 

Fashion style engagement pictures in dallas texas

When should we schedule our Engagement photos if we are getting married?

Excellent question! This is also something that we would like to take the time to break the myth with our Dallas engagement photos. A lot of wedding magazines or the ‘tradition’ might tell you to do this at a certain amount of time prior to the wedding in order to get your save the dates mailed out. But these photos are so much more important than just for save the dates or to get to know your photographer. These can be the building blocks of your life together. 

One of the best times to have your engagement pictures done is as soon as you get engaged! Make sure to celebrate that moment in your timeline together before all of the stress and organizing of the wedding itself starts to take hold. This is the first time that you have committed to spending the rest of your lives together. It deserves its own celebration.

Will you photograph our wedding as well?

Wedding options are available that we can discuss, but we want to first make sure that we are treating your engagement photos as their own important moment. Many people book us solely for their engagement, or may even opt to do an elopement. 

What is available to people that are just dating or have been married for years?

That is the beauty of the Forever Session. It is the same amazing experience, no matter what stage of life you are in. The important part is still in growing your relationship together. So we can have just as much fun with your dating or anniversary photos.

Do you only Dallas Engagement photos or can we go other places?

We absolutely love to travel. Although we are based in the McKinney Frisco area, we are available to any part of Dallas – Fort Worth, and all of the suburbs like Allen, Plano, Rockwall, Wylie and more. 

Did you know that we will actually go anywhere in the world for your Forever Session? In addition to the local areas, we are available to travel anywhere in the US or international destination. In fact, we are currently planning a Dream Destination Couple’s Photo Experience to several locations including Italy, Paris, Czech Republic, Thailand, and Scotland. We will have a page dedicated to this coming soon, but until then feel free to ask us about those.

An Engagement or Couples photo shoot is not complete without the amazing artwork for your home

We specialize in a world-class experience. This is especially true when it comes to our finished artwork. We use the best printing processes available anywhere in the world, including our wall art collections that are printed in Germany, and our stunning custom albums that are handcrafted in Italy

To see more about our artwork, go to the dedicated page here: Artwork and Albums 

Our engagement photos gallery can be seen by going here: Engagement photos gallery

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The best way for us to get started is to plan a time to have a conversation on the phone or to schedule for you to come by and see our design gallery and all of the amazing artwork options that we have available. 

All times are by appointment. We are located on the border of McKinney and Frisco near Independence High School.

We are excited to meet you!

Dallas engagement photos with Jeff Dietz Photography is located on the border of McKinney and Frisco TX. We are available in all surrounding areas, including but not limited to Rockwall, Highland Park, Plano, Addison, Wylie, Prosper, and Allen. We also serve the areas near Scranton PA.

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