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The love of the Beadle Family shines through in this Family Session.

brittney beadle

I thought this would be a great time to post this story to wrap up the end of the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.

I had the pleasure of meeting Brittney and some of her family when she was getting ready for her upcoming benefit at the Johnny Vegas Lounge in Taylor PA. This happened to be where I play a fun free poker event twice a week (play chips, it has since moved to a new location). You could tell even when first meeting Brittney that she was ready to take on her fight against stage four breast cancer. What determination and strength she has at the young age of 18 to take on such a battle and kick it’s butt!

Brittney was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer at the age of 18. Originally a missed diagnosis led to her cancer spreading. You can read more about her story in a few of these articles from The Times Tribune and Happenings Magazine which will do a better job of getting all of the details right then I could probably do here.

So we had an opportunity to donate to Brittney as well as donate a $400 gift certificate for her raffle drawing she was having at her event. Through a few phone conversations I learned that Brittney had asked if she could use that gift certificate for her own family as she wanted to be able to capture the love she has for her whole family. What an amazing thing! So I said no…. instead we will give you an additional larger one just for your family. And that is what we did.

We decided on going to McDade Park in Scranton. I found this beautiful yellow fall tree to be the background for our photos. Brittney invited her mom, brother, grandparents, and many other members of their family, which made for some amazing photos for their photo album that we made for them and additional wall art prints.

I am happy to say that Brittney is doing great with her treatments, and it was an absolute pleasure for me to get to photograph her family and hear her story. We wish her nothing but the best in the future, and hope that we can photograph their family for years to come.

Brittney wanted to pose with the Pink gloves that you see above as a way to show that she is beating cancer every day! And she is doing just that. She is in remission! Of course there is still a lot of on going treatment and testing to be done to maintain that progress. If you would like to help the Beadle family, they still have an active GoFundMe account that you can help contribute to HERE

Enjoy these photos and make sure to give us a call at 570-690-2019 to book your family session! (yes this can be done in the winter as well)

brittney beadle
brittney beadle

brittney beadle
brittney beadle
brittney beadle
brittney beadle
brittney beadle
brittney beadle
brittney beadle
brittney beadle
brittney beadle
brittney beadle
brittney beadle
brittney beadle


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Olivia & Dale – A Garden wedding at Patsel’s Clarks Summit, PA

Clarks Summit Wedding Photos

A beautiful garden wedding at Patsel’s in Clarks Summit

Olivia and Dale were married at a local church and then made their way over to the lovely and unique Patsel’s Restaurant in Clarks Summit. They have a great garden there for cocktail hour as well as makes for a wonderful backdrop for portraits.

She had an absolutely stunning wedding gown from BHLDN. They have some of my personal favorites in wedding dress styles and are really different with more of a relaxed feel. Check out more of their photos below!

We are definitely still booking for spots for 2016 and already booking dates for 2017 as well. So please call us today if you would like to discuss your wedding and engagement photos at 570-690-2019.

We have been very busy here lately photographing all of the fun Vintage inspired portrait sessions from our recent contest. I will be doing a post on that coming up soon. So as you can see we haven’t posted in a while. I have a bunch of posts set and ready to go for the next few days as well as will be sharing a lot more photos on our Facebook Business page. So make sure to go there and like and follow us

Black and white bride applies makeup
bridal portrait before the wedding BHLDN
brides maid fixing wedding dress
back of BHLDN wedding dress
family portrait in backyard
groom portrait at ceremony
catholic ceremony
bride and groom first kiss
bride smiles during catholic ceremony
bridal party after ceremony
bride and groom in garden clarks summit
bride veil blows in wind black and white
bride sits on grooms lap in front of flowers
BHLDN dress clarks summit

Clarks Summit Wedding Photos

A beautiful garden wedding at Patsel’s in Clarks Summit

wedding couple in green garden
couple black and white shadows wedding
black and white shadow portrait bride
reception at Patsels room
bride and groom introduction at reception
groom dips bride during first dance
maid of honor gives toast
cake cutting at reception
bride and groom kiss during toast
bride cries during toast
end of reception portrait

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Long Island NY – A little ocean front, a little Central Park 

long island ny engagement session

This was a pretty fun engagement session with Ashleigh and Scott in Long Island City NY and Central Park in NYC.

Every time I go to Central Park I find places that I have never shot at before. It’s such an interesting place and walking around you would never know that you are in New York City.

Ashleigh and Scott live in Long Island City which is where we started, with some amazing photos with their cute little dog by the river front with the city skyline in the background. We then went into Central Park area for photos in various spots as well as in Strawberry Fields which is a beautiful walking path.

Check back soon where we will be showing off the wedding photos from this couple who got married at the Allegria Hotel in Long Beach NY.

long island ny engagement session
long island ny engagement photos
long island ny engagement photos
long island ny engagement photos
long island ny engagement photos
long island ny engagement photos
long island ny engagement photos
long island ny engagement photos
long island ny engagement photos
long island ny engagement photos
long island ny engagement photos
long island ny engagement photos
long island ny engagement photos
long island ny engagement photos
long island ny engagement photos
long island ny engagement photos
long island ny engagement photos

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Scranton Cultural Center Wedding – Elizabeth and Justin


Today I want to share with you the wedding of Elizabeth and Justin from the Scranton Cultural Center and St Gregory’s Church in Clarks Summit. This is part of my on going posts as reviews from 2013 as we get ready to jump into the 2014 wedding season.

We first worked with them on their engagement session in New York City, and had fun going through Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, and a few other surrounding areas.

Their wedding ceremony took place at St Gregory’s in Clarks Summit, PA, which is actually right down the road from my house so it was very convenient. St Gregory’s has a very different look and style to the church as you can see below that makes it a pretty neat place to photograph a wedding. I like the natural light that pours in from behind the alter.

I then went with them to down town Scranton where we walked around creating fun images with their wedding party before going back to the Cultural Center and having fun making images in the older and classic style of the center. The shot above in one of the side balcony’s was one of my favorite.

The Reception then took place on the stage to the left of the above image , dancing along to the great tunes of the band Music for Models. I highly recommend them for your wedding band.

Check out the images and if you haven’t done so before, like us on facebook by going here: Jeff Dietz Facebook I will be starting to do a lot more posting on there, as soon as even tomorrow with my series on Throwback Thursdays. So make sure to get there, like it, follow and check it out with lots of comments!


Here are some more images for you to check out:





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So there are a lot of changes coming to my online setups in the next weeks and months (hopefully weeks not months). So as these things are taking place, you might see a few of my online features performing a bit wonky as they change over. For the most part it will likely be more of a visual thing then anything not working.  As some of you may know, I do all of my own website development and design, so it’s definitely a labor of love for me. Here are just a few of those things to keep an eye out for:

1. A brand new look and layout to the blog site will be coming. This will have a different visual look, but more importantly will have a lot of really cool interactive features that I will love for you guys to take advantage of and participate more in the discussion. It will feature a lot of social media interaction with my facebook page , twitter, and my website. The comments section will also be greatly improved and encourage you to join the conversation.

2. A brand new, completely redesigned main website. Their is a technical reason why this is being changed as I move away from one contract with a company to another, but for the most part the answer comes down to Stability. It will be more of an HTML 5 vs Flash website change over which will be more stable for more viewers and less compatibility issues.

3. With the new website design there will also come in a stage two a completely new remodeled mobile phone and tablet versions of the site which might be easier to navigate then the current ones.

4. HTML5 stability. Most people won’t see where this comes into play much, where it doesn’t now, but the big one is on things that were flash based like image slideshows and a few video features. Those will then start to play over more devices with less issues.

5. A couple of new categories to the website. I will be adding in a section all about wedding albums. Since this is one of the key things that I do that so many aren’t doing any more (for some weird reason), I want to show off a lot more of past couples designed albums from the outside and inside.

6. A couple of new features here and there that are yet to be determined but should make the interaction of the site even more user friendly then it already is.


I get so many comments about my website and how informative it is and how full of information and just how cool it looks. So I thank you so much for that, and going forward I think you are going to love it even more with some of the things that I have in mind.

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Roza & Michael – Scranton Hilton, Scranton PA

Back again with another great wedding to show you. Roza & Michael you will remember from their engagement photos in New York City’s Central Park and Chelsea.

Their wedding took place at the Scranton Hilton. All of their photos were in the downtown Scranton square as well as Nay Aug Park. This couple was a real pleasure to work with. For their wedding website we did something new with a neat little intro video. You can check that out by going to

It was an interesting wedding and new experience for me at the reception as it was a mix of American music and Albanian music. All together tons of fun! Look for an upcoming post showing off their wedding album as well.

Enjoy the images below

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Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine features Nadia and Chris – Glen Oak Country Club

Wedding Photography at Glen Oak Country Club in Clarks Summit, PA

I am happy to announce that the wedding of Nadia and Chris has been featured in the Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine Website !! This is a huge honor for both them and I as Grace Ormonde is known for being the best of the best when it comes to wedding magazines. Their wedding took place at the Glen Oak Country club in Clarks Summit, PA in 2011. It is pretty hard to believe that it has already been that long since I photographed their day. If you have never seen the Wedding Style magazine, you can go to any major book store or grocery store in the country and pick up a copy.  You will also see us featured in the magazine in the Platinum Member listings.

If you go to their website you will see the couple also featured on the front page of their site for the next 3 days, or you can follow the link here as well in order to see it:

Screen capture from the Wedding Style website. The red box and arrow indicates where you can see the couple featured on the main page for the next 3 days


I have a bunch of posts coming up soon to highlight my trip to West Palm Beach Florida and Boca Raton. Lots of fun photos to show you and talk about in the next few days so stay tuned!


Fun image of the bride with the ring carrier and flower girl at their home in Clarks Summit, PA


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DAY 31 – BOOKING TIPS: After Wedding Session

trash the dress boca raton florida

After Wedding / Trash the Dress session in Miami Beach Florida

Something to think about with your wedding photography booking is not just the wedding day and an engagement session, but do you want to schedule something for after the wedding?

We call our sessions After Wedding Sessions as they go beyond just the idea of the Trash the Dress idea. The sessions can be anything as casual as going to a park or a field or into the city and having more fun in your wedding dress to something completely crazy of being in the ocean, a themed photoshoot, paintball war or more.

The sky is really the limit with these sessions which is what really makes them a ton of fun. I would sit down with each couple and help them plan what they would like to do. You can see in the first above image, I flew to Miami Beach Florida to work with this couple on South beach. It involved everything from photos near their apartment building, photos on the boardwalk, and finally on the beach and ocean.

kennebunkport wedding photographer

After wedding session in Kennebunkport Maine


What if it rains of your wedding day?

An after wedding session can be a great alternative to get more photos taken if it happen to rain on your wedding day and you were not able to get outside for portrait time.

Want a pure photojournalism wedding day?

Another great example is maybe you would not like to worry about taking a lot of time for portraits on the actual wedding day, and instead you would like to take maybe 20-30 mins on the wedding day to get images that you can’t on another day, and then schedule an entire other day dedicated to just photos. This can be the day after the wedding or after you return from your honeymoon.

Winter Weddings

If you are having a winter wedding, you may find that it was too cold on the day of your wedding to do a lot of photos outside. You may also just want some photos where there is grass on the ground and leaves on the trees. This would be a great excuse to put that wedding dress back on and do something fun.

Destination Weddings – 3 day experience

For our destination photography we actually offer a 3 day option. The day before the wedding would be an engagement style session or family portrait time as well as the rehearsal dinner. Then you have the day of the wedding, followed by the next day dedicated to an after wedding or trash the dress session.

You are going all of that way to a great destination location like Hawaii, the Caribbean, Jamaica, Bahamas, or so many other places. Why not take advantage of it and spend the day after going through the city or the local beaches and community to do some amazing photos. A destination does not have to be out of the country by the way. It can just as easily be California, Key West, Boca Raton, Miami or wherever else you want to go.

The Re-do Wedding

I am going to be dedicating an enter blog post to this coming up. What if you did not hire us for your wedding and you didn’t like the photos that you got from your photographer. Maybe you didn’t invest enough at the time and now regret it. Now is your chance to have another chance at photos in your gown with your husband. Go where ever you want. This can be at your original location or somewhere anywhere in the world that is new and fun.

These sessions are a lot more affordable then you think and of course you get a discount if you are an already booked wedding couple. So don’t hesitate and contact me at 570-690-2019 or any of my contact forms to get more information.

kennebunkport maine trash the dress fashion

After wedding session in Kennebunkport, ME

Here are a few beautiful places for destination weddings in a few different countries:

Jamaica – The Ritz-carlton – St James Jamaica – website

Hawaii – The Four Seasons Resort Maui –

Fiji – Turtle Island -

West Indies, Anguilla – Cap Juluca -

Dubai – Atlantis the Palm -

Miami, FL – Fontainebleau Miami Beach -

Palm Beach, FL – The Breakers -

Boca Raton, FL – Reunion Resort -

Hollywood, CA – Taglyan Cultural Complex -

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