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Hello everyone

So you can see I haven’t posted in a while. We have had some server problems with where we host our websites from. I am currently in the process, starting today of migrating everything over to the new one. Without getting into the technical weeds of all of that for you, basically what you need to know is that some things may go up or down while I am in that process as some times it takes a bit for it to go through. But stay tuned and I have tons of stuff to share with you very soon!



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DAY 29 – GEEK DAY: Jurassic Park Returns to the theater


I don’t know about you, but Jurassic Park was one of my favorite movies growing up. It was about the time I was in 9th grade that it first came out. I remember this because I had just joined the Bangor Area High School marching band as a drummer and Jurassic Park was part of our theme music that year as well as great John Williams classic themes for JFK, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, 1941, and ET.

It is just one of those iconic soundtrack themes that when you hear it you are instantly transformed back to a period of time.

On April 5th they are re-releasing the movie in 3d and IMAX 3d and I can’t wait. Normally I am not a fan of releases coming back in 3d as it’s normally just a money grab and doesn’t add anything at all to the movie. However, I will take an excuse I can to see this movie in IMAX and to hear that soundtrack break over the speakers. Hearing the dinosaurs roar in that amazing IMAX sound will probably be enough to make your seat shake.

Are you going to go see this awesome movie when it comes out on April 5th?

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Apple TV w/ included remote control


Do you have an appletv? If not you might want to get one, or two, or three. It’s not at all as the name implies as it is not really a tv at all. It is more of an enhancement that you plug into your tv via HDMI cable. It easily allows you to view things like youtube, hulu, netflix, sporting packages, movie rentals, and much more.


The real power, however comes into play if you own other Apple products like an Iphone, Imac, lap top, Ipad or more. There is something called airplay that allows you to stream things from any of your apple devices right to your tv! This not only includes any movies that you might have on any device but also things like photos or music and even mirror your lap top screen. So for instance if you have a movie on any of your computers you can project it to a tv that you have directv hooked to.

I have two appletv’s now and also have something called airport express. Those boxes will allow me to hook to several different speakers throughout the house, which can then all be controlled by any of my apple devices and play any media that I have on any of those devices. So for instance if you have music saved on your desktop, as long as itunes is open, from your phone you can tell that computer what song to play and to which speakers in the house to play it on! Genius.

It’s great for meeting with potential wedding couples as well, as I no longer have to be tied to a wire connected to the tv. I can now hold my ipad and project images right to the TV to talk about.

I have a lot of fun with this device and I think you will too! You of course do have to have a membership to things like Hulu or Netflix, but even just having it to move your own media around is a lot of fun. Only $99 each. Not too shabby.

(all images from

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Well I try at least. I thought this would be a fun post and something a litte different. I made these two items for Christmas for the first time.

The first is a Cheesecake cup with ginger snaps as the ‘base’, and a raspberry fruit spread middle. These turned out pretty amazing I must admit. The second was called a Portuguese Tart. It uses puff pastry, cinnamon, egg mixture, orange zest, and topped with a orange carmel. These were ok, but not as good as the Cheesecake. What I would change is the carmel as you have to eat them hot or it hardens too much. I might sub that out next time with a chocolate.

I’ll post a few more of these in the future with some of my panini creations and other fun creations like the BLT Pasta.

If you like to cook as well, a great site to check out is the Sorted Food Site . It features really creative recipes but made in a pretty easy way. These two things I made were not from there, but I look forward to trying some of their items very soon.

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Wishing everyone a happy new year from Jeff Dietz Photography. I look forward to all of the great couples I will get to work with in 2013 and beyond. Make a new years resolution this year to make photos important for you and your family again by hiring a professional for your portrait session, event, wedding, or to capture beautiful photos of your elder loved ones.

Enjoy and eat lots of yummy food and be safe!

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Here is some images from another wedding at the Highlands at Newberry in Dallas, PA featuring the wedding of Carolyn and Paul. Here you will see the same debossed leather option as the last couples album, but without the metal cover. You could also add an accent strip to a leather like this which you will see featured in the coming weeks.

This is a beautiful take on a modern version of the black leather wedding album.

Don’t forget to contact us about your wedding today!

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Hello everyone!

This is a quick post to show the newly updated wedding website of Tom and Angie from their New Years Eve wedding which was in Williamsport, PA.

This couple was so much fun to work with. Hopefully this post and updated website will make Tom feel a little bit better about Tom Brady and the Patriots getting beat in the superbowl! Although he did win the couples first argument and test of their marriage when the Patriots beat the Broncos! (sorry guys had to say it!).

Enjoy looking through their wedding site. There you will see tons of info from their wedding, wedding and engagement photos, and even their finished wedding album!

All of my couples have the ability to add this awesome costume designed website to their wedding options. It is such a great one stop shop for sending your wedding guests and family to in order to see things from your wedding!

Ask about booking your 2012 or 2013 wedding today!

To see the site in full outside of this window go to:  (although the site is fully functioning in the post as well)

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