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Hello everyone!

I am a excited to have the first of the video blog posts go live for you! It first hit my facebook page a few days ago, but now I would like to share it with everything. The first video is filled with a large glimpse to what is coming up soon!  (which has increased even since making the video).

I hope that you enjoy this type of thing as I will be doing a lot more of this as well as video out on location in the coming months and over this season. I want to try to show you a lot more of the behind the scenes action and have a much higher personal connection instead of just posting a bunch of words!

Enjoy! And of course don’t forget to call to book your date for your 2012 and 2013 weddings!


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Hello everyone!

I am happy to report that I will once again be at the Ritz Building for Scranton’s First Friday event, conducting my Artist’s Portrait Project with select members of the crowd. That is this Friday March 2 starting at 5pm at the Ritz Building at 222 Wyoming Ave in Scranton.

I am also very happy to report that for the first time a selection of some of my Wedding and Portrait art will be on display in the hall of the Ritz Building. These are not from the artists portrait project (those are coming later), but a highlight of some fun images from the past couple of years.

I highly encourage you to stop by and see if your image is hanging! You can also ask about a special opportunity to buy those prints if you are featured in them.

Also if you are a very interesting looking person (how do we define that really?) make sure to hang out around the Ritz building to see if you will be selected to be photographed for the artists session! (little hint: I love photographing grandparents!)

If you want to get more information about First Friday Scranton and all of the cool events and artists walks that they do, you can go to their website at: 

I hope to see you all there!!

Posts coming soon: 2011 Wedding Highlights, updates to the Backstage pass site, blog and website redesign updates.

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Flash Required to view this area.
Hello Everyone!
I am very happy to release to you a brand new session offering! These are called ‘The Artist Sessions”. The point of these sessions is to take the photography back to the ‘old school’ a bit. They eliminate all other distractions by photographing on just a white background and in black and white. It’s a beautiful portrait setting that is perfect for simple yet powerful and timeless images.
Some of these sessions will even be photographed partially in film using the old style medium format cameras!
Even though these sessions are already at an amazing every day price, I do have a sale that will be running coming up for the next two weeks! You can see the site above for more details in the “Price” section.
October 3 to the 14th sign up for your 30 minute session for only $50!!  There is no limit on how many of these I will sell (time allowing) and we will have day time and night time appointments. All sessions will take place at my new place in Clarks Summit, PA.
These sessions are great fits for:
- Individual portraits – EVERYONE should experience the pleasure of being professionally photographed. You shouldn’t have to have an excuse or wait for it to be a wedding to have your photo taken. These sessions are extremely empowering and great for everyone to take part in!
- The Grandparent session. This is really why these sessions were developed. Beautiful, timeless, touching artist’s images of your loved ones to cherish forever.
- ‘Baby and Mommy’ or ‘Baby and Daddy’. Have your newborn photographed in the arms of their daddy, or have a soft portrait done with just the mom and baby. These sessions are best for babies from newborn to 1 year. All sessions will be with you holding your child. You can notice how I named these sessions on purpose. They are meant to be great for a two person photo. Want a photo of both? Well of course that can be arranged (small additional fee).
- Headshot – Be it for a musician, actor, dating site, corporate/business or again just for fun! Maybe you just need a new facebook profile picture!
- Tattoos – we are starting to do a lot of work with photographing people with their tattoos. Most tattoos have a lot of meaning and story behind them, and this is a great way to show that off in these powerful portraits.
As you can see above you are able to click around on the new website right within the blog post itself!! If you would like to explore it in a bigger version CLICK HERE 
Don’t forget to sign up for your session right away by clicking on the BOOK IT tab and filling out the information.
Thank you again and I can’t wait to take your portrait!

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I have sooooooooo many things that are about to hit that I don’t even know where to start. The best way that I can describe it is, my wedding couples are really going to be the bees knees (more so then they already are!).

I have always prided myself on making my business be more then just about the photos that I take. I do think we create some of the most creative and one of a kind images in the area, but there is so much about wedding photography that is much more important then that. Customer service and the customer’s experience is really something that I make #1 and really want to bring even higher. Sometimes these things can get lost in the shuffle a bit in the rush to get things edited and albums completed and so on. So I am rededicated a lot of things to get back to one of my favorite parts about photography….. The People!

Some of what I am developing right now are things that have never been seen in the wedding photography industry, or at least certainly not in Pennsylvania. Your going to start to see a lot more of me personally as a presence on my sites and blogs and to give you a bit more insight into the ‘man behind the camera’.

The most important thing that I can say right now is…… that to see, experience, and to be a part of all that is to come, you have to take the most important step.      BOOK YOUR WEDDING TODAY!


And to all of my past wedding couples and couples from this 2011 year, don’t think that I am only making new innovations and changes for new couples. Oh no! I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that. I have TONS of goodies to come for all of you as well!

I am dedicating tomorrow (Friday) to a few of those ideas right away! I will be sending out an email to all of my past and currently booked couples with a VERY special invitation to participate in a project that I am holding very near and dear to my heart. I want all of you to hopefully take advantage of what I will be sending you as it is so important for you and your family. You will also see in the email that I will be asking for updated contact information so that I can do a better job of making you aware of what is going on and how you can be a part of what is to come.


Well I believe that is all for now. It is 2:19 am on Thursday night. I have spent the day working on finishing the Yatsko Wedding album, and two engagement/guest book albums, and brainstorming all day long on my very exciting ideas that are coming down the line! Boy I wish I could even put a bigger tease out there as to some of those ideas but they just aren’t ready yet! Maybe in the next couple of days I will start posting little encrypted photos for fun that will give you a few hints as to what is coming.

Until then, be well and do something positive and awesome for someone today that isn’t expecting it!



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The GrandFather session to celebrate GrandParents day – Sept 12-16th. 

As a way to give back to the community, and because I really want to show the importance of this style of portrait session for every grandparent, I am offering 20 Free Session giveaway to celebrate GrandParents day! The session fee for these 20 sessions will be waived! ($150 value)

Who is eligible? The first 20 people who book their session and are a GrandFather over the age of 65. All sessions will be held at my place in Clarks Summit, pa. The images will be photographed in a beautiful natural light environment with a white ‘backdrop’. The images will be set in the style of a powerful masters portrait like the great works of people like Richard Avedon, Platon, Annie Leboibovitz and others.

This is an EXTREMELY important session to have and one of the reasons I am promoting it with the free sessions. It is important to preserve those memories of your loved ones in a way that will hang on your wall for generations to come. You can also certainly book this session as a gift for your grandparent/father as well and encourage them to come out.

All prints will be in the artist’s gallery style featuring a inset matte look on artist paper ready to frame.

For more information on these sessions and to be one of the first 20 to sign up and get your session for free, go to:


PLEASE do not miss this opportunity for your loved ones. 

Free session includes: Session time (approx 30 mins), all editing/retouching as needed, online proof/purchase site for 1 month. Any and all prints are purchased separate and are available from 11×14 to 50×100. Sessions are for Grandfathers only at this time. Please note that although shooting location only requires one step to enter house, there is no wheelchair access available. A complete FAQ can be found on the link above.


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It’s the time of the year for sales!

I am offering for the first time, major sales for past wedding couples from 2010 and back. Right now if you were a past wedding couple you can take advantage of the following sales (all sales apply to any couples who completed their album purchase):

FAMILY SESSIONS – 50% off Session Fee!, 25% off prints for first week – Book before April 11 (for dates through Oct)

Per my typical style for doing things outside of the normal, Family Sessions are no different. All sessions are outdoors at a location of your choice (session fee includes up to 30 miles of clarks summit, travel fee beyond). They are fun, relaxed, and epic. All prints are purchased ala carte, and can be done in person or through the online proof site.

Family portraits are extremely important. They are a lasting memory of your family that you will be able to love for the rest of your life.

See more info on our family sessions at:

All images copyright Jeff Dietz Photography. Do not copy or reproduce.

AFTER WEDDING SESSIONS – $100 off session fee – Book before April 11 (for dates through Oct)

After wedding sessions (some call ‘trash the dress’) is a great way to have a lot of fun with your wedding dress again! These sessions could be done with just the bride or with the groom as well. These sessions are personally stylized to fit the couple. You might be shocked by the length of ‘themed’ session we can put together and the fun we can have. Want your session on the beach? Then also check out the Atlantic City beach sessions available at the end of May ( (note that the sale does not apply to atlantic city)

The sessions can be as natural as a session in the park, or as wild and crazy as our imagination can take us.

These sessions are available for travel anywhere in the world! (travel fee may apply)

Specialty albums or prints can be made from these images. It doesn’t matter if your wedding was last week or 5 years ago. Anyone can have fun with these sessions!

PRINT SALE – 25% OFF (now through May 1)

This sale is pretty self explanatory. Take 25% off any standard print (non-canvas). Instead of reposting all 60 events from the past years, if you are interested in purchasing prints, please just send me an email and I will reload your sale for you.

DIGITAL NEGATIVES – Available now for all couples with weddings 2010 and back who completed their album purchase (completed album as of March 1, 2011)

If interested in purchasing your negatives for your own long term storage, please send me an individual email. Now until April 11, receive great deals! In late 2010 all past images were archived in my state of the art harddrive RAID system, with redondant back up system and 3rd copy kept at the local bank. We took a huge step in extra protection in your images. They are never a replacement of a great quality print, but this will give you the ability to have them and store at your own location, etc. Ask for more details on this by email.


Any of the above can all be organized through our online systems. Simply let me know by email or the website contact form, what you are interested in and I can point you in the right direction of where to go to complete your order or sign up for your session. Thanks again!

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