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Monthly Archives: March 2014



So there are a lot of changes coming to my online setups in the next weeks and months (hopefully weeks not months). So as these things are taking place, you might see a few of my online features performing a bit wonky as they change over. For the most part it will likely be more of a visual thing then anything not working.  As some of you may know, I do all of my own website development and design, so it’s definitely a labor of love for me. Here are just a few of those things to keep an eye out for:

1. A brand new look and layout to the blog site will be coming. This will have a different visual look, but more importantly will have a lot of really cool interactive features that I will love for you guys to take advantage of and participate more in the discussion. It will feature a lot of social media interaction with my facebook page , twitter, and my website. The comments section will also be greatly improved and encourage you to join the conversation.

2. A brand new, completely redesigned main website. Their is a technical reason why this is being changed as I move away from one contract with a company to another, but for the most part the answer comes down to Stability. It will be more of an HTML 5 vs Flash website change over which will be more stable for more viewers and less compatibility issues.

3. With the new website design there will also come in a stage two a completely new remodeled mobile phone and tablet versions of the site which might be easier to navigate then the current ones.

4. HTML5 stability. Most people won’t see where this comes into play much, where it doesn’t now, but the big one is on things that were flash based like image slideshows and a few video features. Those will then start to play over more devices with less issues.

5. A couple of new categories to the website. I will be adding in a section all about wedding albums. Since this is one of the key things that I do that so many aren’t doing any more (for some weird reason), I want to show off a lot more of past couples designed albums from the outside and inside.

6. A couple of new features here and there that are yet to be determined but should make the interaction of the site even more user friendly then it already is.


I get so many comments about my website and how informative it is and how full of information and just how cool it looks. So I thank you so much for that, and going forward I think you are going to love it even more with some of the things that I have in mind.

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