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Roza and Michael, what can I say, we had fun! Central Park is always an interesting place to do photos. As you can even see in the photo above in the background, there are always tons of people everywhere you go, no matter what day or time of year. By the skylines and views in Central park are amazing. You get lost in miles of park and almost forget that right across the street is the concrete jungle that is New York City.

These two we also did a small video on the roof top area in down town scranton the next day which you can see on their wedding website by going HERE.

So most of their session was in Central Park but we also stopped near the docks towards the end of their session for some waterfront views.

Enjoy the photos and keep checking back for more, including some of their wedding highlights!

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I had a great time working with Brian and Kristen on their engagement session in Atlantic City, which was actually in 2012. I wanted to post some now though as I will be posting their wedding highlights a bit later as well. I will always remember this session for the day before when we originally had it scheduled for the engagement session it rained some of the heaviest rain I think I have ever seen. It flooded out most of the parking areas and entrances of the casinos including where i was staying.

So we decided to wait and do the session the next day. We started early in the morning which let us work in the awesome fog that was still there from the previous days rain. I loved it. It was like having my own personal natural fog machine. So we wanted to start with carefree and fun photos on the beach like you see above. Playing around on the boardwalk, the beach, and even in the water, it was a lot of fun.

After that, we went into the Chelsea Hotel, had a wardrobe change and switched modes into more of a fashion look. Creating inside the lounge spaces of the Chelsea’s throwback style and on their pool deck area.

Enjoy the photos and look for their Wedding Highlights to be posted soon! Next post will be the engagement session of Roza & Michael in New York Cities Central Park!

Don’t forget to contact us to book your engagement session anywhere in the world that you would like to go!

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Hey everyone

So this week I am starting to make tons of posts that will come out over the next few weeks. It will be sortof a year in review of the weddings from the past year, engagement sessions, portraits, seniors, and in this case we will be looking at a surprise wedding proposal that I photographed in Clarks Summit.

He got a hold of me early and new that they would both be in the area for a nice dinner out and wanted to first stop at the church that meant something to both of them The Church of St Gregory’s  in Clarks Summit, PA. He had her blind folded on the way and led her to the spot in front of the church that he wanted to pop the question. Off came the blindfold and things moved very fast from there. He asked, and she answered YES!

Check out a few of the photos below. Definitely keep checking back as I will be having a lot of blog posts coming up and showing off some awesome photos that you haven’t seen yet!

And of course, if you are planning a 2014 or 2015 wedding, definitely get a hold of me through my contact page on the website at: or just call me directly at (570) 690-2019


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