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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Hello everyone

on the streets fujixpro1 review

I love this photo. It was a random person on the streets in time square, but there was something about how he was holding his bag covered in plastic that gave him a sense of ‘lost’ that I really enjoyed as well as the contrast of the white plastic and his black coat. All of the people around him add to that lost feeling as well as the expression on his face

It’s been a while, but I’ve been knee deep in working on everyone’s wedding photos for them. Today I wanted to post some images from my recent trip to New York City to get to know and fall in love more with my Fuji Xpro1 and x100s camera. If you are not familiar with these cameras, they are a throw back to a more simple time with a digital version of some of the old style film cameras. They are perfect cameras for street and photojournalism moments which I love.

With these cameras I also LOVE photographing in black and white. I just feel it fits the mood of these cameras nicely. The contrast in the city is also perfect for showing both the grit and the beauty of it.

Most of these photos were taken in Times Square, and on the subway. Street photography is a growing passion of mine. I just think it’s a lot of fun and really gets your creative eye going. I am far from where I want to be yet with this style, but I hope you enjoy some of the images that I took. A lot of these were testing the abilities of the camera but also some great moments I think.

I found myself interested in taking pictures of everyone on their phones and taking ‘selfies’ type of photos. There is something about taking a photo of them while they were taking a photo was interesting.

Below are a few of these images for you to enjoy and I will try to make a few notes on each. Leave comments below on what is your favorite photo!


couple nyc fujixpro1

I love photographing the older couples holding hands as they walk through the streets. It’s the simple things some times. I also find photographing in the intersections are some of the best spots.

One of the ‘selfies’ photos that I took of people taking photos of themselves

This one was one of my favorites. I liked how the three people in a triangle around the coupe in the middle were all taking photos with their phones and all facing in different directions

A bit of a cliche NYC time square photo but…. they were in good light, so what can I say

A great test of the cameras dynamic range with the buildings and sky as well as the black and white contrast. That bit of sunshine reflection peaking through the building adds a little something extra to the photo

I took this one just thinking it would be a good test of the macro mode of the camera. It turned out really neat with the black and white contrast but also all of the texture that was in the garbage can. The bent, punched in part of the garbage can is what makes this interesting

Another shot from the subway

photoplus nyc fuji xpro1

This is a photo I took while at the PhotoPlus Expo at the Javit’s center.

new york city streets fuji xpro1

What I liked about this one is all of the contrasting lines in the street , mixed with the guy in black walking across the street balanced with the white car on the other side. The fact that the guys left photo is in motion in the air, adds that needed bit of motion to the photo

There was just something interesting about this guy as I road the path train into NYC

fuji xpro1 new york path train photo

A random group of people across the seat on the subway with me. I liked the contrast of the white coat in the middle of two darker coats.












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