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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Hello everyone

Here is a quick post to show off some of the really cool photos I did in DUMBO park in Brooklyn, NY with Catapult member and local Jaime Verazin.

Jaime, originally from the Wilkes Barre, PA area, is someone that I had photographed several years ago and is a real blast to work with. We decided a few weeks ago to get together again and have some fun in New York City taking some photos! It was tons of fun per usual.

Working with a dancer is really different an interesting as they have a real sense of how to move in front of the camera (obviously). But it’s also fun because they seem to like to just jump on random things and make them into dance props, just as I love to photography by creating things out of nothing. So it’s a great fit!

I will be doing more in the future with dancers, as well as hopefully Jaime.

But for now make sure to tune in tonight on America’s Got Talent on NBC at 9pm to see her perform with the group Catapult.

If you didn’t see it before, Catapult is the group of dancers that uses shadows and created a scene of a diamond heist.

If you are a dancer and want to be considered for my upcoming dance photo and video projects, please feel free to send me a message with your information.

Enjoy and good luck tonight Jaime!

P.S. Even more photos to come soon!

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