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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Hello everyone

I am editing the wedding of Matt and Amnee from the Glen Oak Country Club and couldn’t help but to put an image up quick that I just finished. One of those great moments from the reception.

I am knee deep in editing to get everything done for everyone. However soon I will be posting some images from May and June weddings for you to check out.

For now enjoy this fun image.

P.S. Chicken and Broccoli from Peach and Lily in Clarks Summit is apparently my editing weakness.

Glen Oak Country club wedding

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Old man on palm beach

My favorite images from Palm Beach Florida

Hello everyone

Here is another post from my trip from West Palm beach, Boca Raton and surrounding Florida areas. This post will highlight the other Iphone photos that are non-panoramas like in the last post.

I am going to try and make some notes about the images from what I remember on the trip as well.

norton museum annie leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz exhibit at the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach FL

This was a fun art exhibit at the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach. It was nice to see some of Annie Leibovitz’s more raw work before she became a photoshop type of compositor.


Breakers – Palm Beach Fl Wedding location

This is The Breakers in Palm Beach FL. It’s known as a very nice high end wedding venue in Palm Beach. I had wanted to walk around and check it out more, but quickly found out that the venues in the Southern Florida area are more high security and gated off and do not like people just walking around.

Lizards – the squirrels of Florida

These guys were everywhere. They were like the squirrels of PA but lizards instead. Makes you wonder if they have squirrels there in cages as pets as we love to do with lizards here.

West Palm Beach draw bridge

This was kindof interesting to see. This was in West Palm going into Palm beach. I don’t think I have been ever on one of these when it has been going up. It reminded me of a scene out of Inception. There were a lot of these in the area.

The Wine Dive West Palm Beach Clematis st.

This was a fun looking restaurant called the Wine Dive. (I was the only one in there not drinking wine). Clematis st had a ton of great restaurants.

The Cheese Course in Boca Raton, FL

This was an amazing sandwich from a place called The Cheese Course in Boca Raton which was right around the corner from the Ipics theater

Rocco’s Tacos – Clematis St West Palm Beach

What a great fish taco with fresh made guacamole in a lava bowl. Add in a quesadilla and you are all set. Rocco’s  Tacos was packed every night, so for my last day for lunch I had to make sure to stop in and try it out.  I highly recommend it.

Here are a bunch of fun photos from the airplane.


And finally here are a bunch of various beach photos and of the amazing skies that were there my entire week in florida. I went to several beaches in Palm Beach area, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray beach, and a few in between. The beaches there were much harder to get to in comparison to say a New Jersey beach. However, once you got on them, they were incomparable. The clearness and warmth of the water alone was pretty amazing.



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