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West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, FL in Panorama Iphone Style

Love the contrast of the rocks and the water in this black and white ocean shot

So I am really behind on my blog posts so I apologize, but this week and next I will have some great posts with some new images to share. Today’s posts is all about my trip to West Palm Beach Florida and Boca Raton, Fl areas a few weeks ago.

I was amazed at the performance of the Iphone 5 panorama camera feature, and I used it a LOT on this trip. So I thought it would be fun to do an entire post just showcasing a bunch of the panorama photos. There will be a description as I remember it for each and some stories to share. I have some future posts as well where we will focus on more parts of my trip, including the trip to the West Palm Beach Zoo, Clematis Street activities, and even a surprise maternity photo shoot on the beach.

cityplace wedding photos fl

CityPlace in West Palm Beach Fl

This is CityPlace in West Palm Beach. It is one of the main shopping areas of the town and has lots going on. Each night really between Thursday to Saturday there was a small concert around the corner and the streets were filled with lot of people enjoying food or going to the movie theater there.

CityPlace in West Palm Beach, FL at night

This is a photo of the same area, but at night and from the other side of CityPlace. Here on the left you can see the band shell where the concerts would take place.

The inside lobby of the Imax theater in West Palm Beach. One of the more fanzy lobbies I have seen

This is the lobby of the Muvico Imax movie theater in West Palm Beach. One of the most beautiful lobbies I have seen for a movie theater. They have a new thing in some of their rooms called D-Box Experience. This seems to e some sort of 4d experience where the chairs move to what is going on in the theater. I saw Oblivion in Imax there and I thought it was a pretty good movie. I gave it an A.

the Imax movie theater in West Palm Beach near CityPlace

This is the inside of the Imax theater. This was really pushing the limits of the Iphone 5 as it was pretty dark in there. But, it gets the job done in showing you the inside.

west palm beach intercoastal

View of the Palm trees near the Inter-coastal in West Palm Beach

It wouldn’t be a Florida post without showing off some palm trees. This is a strip between Clematis Street and the Inter-coastal that separates West Palm Beach and Palm Beach.

clematis street concert area

View from the top of the Strand of the concert area of Clematis St in West Palm Beach Fl

This is an awesome view from the top of an apartment building showing Centennial Square at Clematis. This is where they host a lot of concert events such as the largest music festival SunFest. While I was there, they had a concert one night, and a tent sleep over concert night which I thought was pretty neat.

Massive Yachts in the inter-coastal between West Palm beach and Palm beach

There were lots of yachts in the harbor of the Inter-Coastal. It is a beautiful waterfront area, with a great place to walk or ride your bike. This particular dock was right across from Clematis St restaurants. I bought the one on the left….. just kidding.

West Palm Beach near Clematis. I love how this tractor trailer got in the way of the photo but in the finished photo it looks sortof like a hover bike

This is looking back from the other direction. This is an interesting photo because what you see in the middle is actually a tractor trailer! But with how the panorama camera works with panning, the truck was in motion, so when the photo is finished it looks like a hover bike. If only those were real, wouldn’t that be awesome?

This is another view of the Inter-coastal.

Inside the most awesome theater ever at Ipics Theater in Boca Raton

This is the awesome iPics Theater in Boca Raton Fl. Absolutely awesome experience. There will be an entire post dedicated to showing off this awesome movie theater. One of the top 5 experiences of my life, being that I am such a huge movie fan. Here is a small teaser…… blankets, reclining chairs, and a waiter that comes right to your seat!

This is not one of the better photos but it was a cool spot so I posted it. This was called Johnnie Brown’s and it was in Delray Beach, Fl. I didn’t get to spend much time in Delray but it was a neat little beach town.

This is another fun restaurant, again not the greatest photo. It was an indoor/outdoor deck at Two Drunken Goats Beach Cantina at Riviera Beach Fl. There was a great breeze this day as they thought it was going to rain down on us, so they closed the screens. I had a great Haddock sandwich there. I definitely recommend.

West palm beach zoo photos

The Mayan area of the West Palm Beach Zoo

Switching things up a bit, this was the Aztec area at the West Palm Beach Zoo. I have more photos of this coming soon as well as the one below.

bridge zoo west palm beach

Suspension style bridge at the Zoo at West Palm Beach

This was a pretty neat looking fake suspension bridge at the West Palm Beach Zoo. You can see on the left the camera messed up a bit ha.

palm beach wedding photographer 1

Beautiful stretch of beach in Palm Beach, FL

This was on the fancier side of the inter-coastal in Palm Beach, FL. What a beautiful beach. I didn’t spend much time on this one as the parking was definitely pricey here. But it was a very nice beach and looked like it would be a great place to ride your bike up and down the strip.

Cool little boat pathway between a hotel. You could see schools of fish in the water

This was a hotel and dock port of some type in the Singer Island in Florida. You could walk out on this pier, although you weren’t suppose to, and it seemed like it would be really fun to sit there and eat your lunch one day.

Inter-coastal gathering in Boca Raton. Looked like lots of fun

Taken not far from the photo above in the Boca Raton Fl area, there were these little spots along the inter-coastal where you could pull over and have a little party apparently. It looked like the place the locals go to for a little after work get together. Lots of kayaking and small boat water activities.

Boca Raton Beach

One of my favorite beaches was this one in Boca Raton. There were 4-5 restaurants right on the other side of the road to enjoy and then go to the beach. It was finally that ‘beach food’ type of area that I had been looking for on my trip.


Now this next group of images I am going to put all together. To be honest it’s a bit fuzzy on which beaches are which in these images. I visited beaches in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Singer Island, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and a few in between that I found as I was driving. Of the beaches Singer beach definitely seemed to have the most scenic areas with rocks in the water and rocks you could walk out on a bit. Photographically that would be probably where I would go for photo shoots. The beach at Boca Raton above also had a few rocks that looked interesting to play with.

Very peaceful beach in Boca Raton, FL

You don’t see that clear of water in New Jersey Beaches


The skies along the beach were unreal


Love the contrast of the rocks and the water in this black and white ocean shot


I took a lot of beach panoramas. The Sky couldn’t have been better.


The beautiful beaches of south florida


Beach near Boca Raton


And that is all of them for now. Like I said there will be a few more posts coming soon from the Florida trip, so definitely check them out.

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The Cast of the Office Join This Weeks Wedding and Pose with John and Hilary!

jim and pam join wedding couple office wrap party

Jim and Pam from the office join our wedding couple this weekend

So yes…. this happened!

So there we were, having a wedding, minding our own business at Elm Park United Methodist Church in Scranton near the University of Scranton, and the Wrap Party for The Office was having a parade right past the church! Well of course we had to try and get involved.

With the help of two very brave best men, they were able to approach the cars and convince the actors to pose with the couple! We got many of the cast of The Office including here John Krasinski (Jim) and Jenna Fischer (Pam), the two biggest stars from the show! We also got Rainn Wilson, Brian Baumgartner, Phyllis Smith, Kate Flannery, Oscar Nunez, Andy Buckley, and Paul Lieberstein.

Yes, I will post those photos soon as well. I also grabbed some roadside photos of other stars that we didn’t get: Creed Bratton, Craig Robinson, and the beautiful Ellie Kemper (yes I have a small celebrity crush).

Stay tuned for more photos from The Office as they pose with our awesome couple from Saturday John and Hilary!

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My trip to West Palm Beach, Fl

Boca Raton Beach panorama photo

Panorama taken at Boca Raton Beach Fl

Hey everyone.

This is just a quick teaser post that I have all of my photos finished from my trip to West Palm Beach, FL and I am going to be posting a bunch of them to show you guys soon. I went everywhere from West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, DelRay Beach, Boca Raton, Boyton Beach, Springer Island, and a few other areas in between. I had a great time and it will be fun to share those with you. A lot of stuff with the local shops and goings on of Clematis St and City Place, where I spent a lot of time, as well as the beach, zoo, and fun inter-coastal areas.

I am going to have a whole set I did with my main camera, the Nikon D800 as well as a whole series with my Iphone featuring tons of cool panoramas! I even will show a fun surprise photo shoot I did for a pregnant couple that happen to be on the beach.

Stay tuned, and check back soon.

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