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kennebunkport maine wedding photo

Hello everyone

I come to you with the first of 4 big announcement that we have coming out in the next few weeks! I am happy to let you know that we have been selected as a member of the FEARLESS photographers group. This is a group that features photographers that think outside of the box of the normal wedding boring photos, and create one of a kind images.

We are the only photographer with this association in the Scranton and Wilkes Barre area. The above image was taken in Kennebunkport, Maine.

“Fearless Photographers is a directory of more than 1,800 of the world’s boldest wedding photographers for brides and grooms who truly love photography”… Fearless website

This month we will be sending in a ton of our work to be considered for what is called the Fearless Photo Awards, showcases only the top 5-10% of that already exclusive group. I am excited to submit and have our images featured.

It is not enough to just be a “Fearless” photographer, but it also requires “Fearless” couples that give us the trust to photograph your wedding while also creating something truly different and one of a kind.

Are you Fearless??? Then we are the photographer for you!

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We are back again with another wedding album to show you. This time we have both the wedding album and parents clone album. A clone album is an exact copy of your images and pages but in a smaller sized album. They are great for parents or gifts!

Amie & James’ wedding took place at the Highlands at Newberry Estates and their engagement session was in New York City.

The main album features a different take on a similar album I posted a few days ago, by adding a second accent leather strip to the cover. The Parents album features our new line of albums with a blue textured cover.

Enjoy and as always don’t forget to click the g+1 button at the top or bottom of this post as well as contact us about your 2013-14 weddings!

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Well I try at least. I thought this would be a fun post and something a litte different. I made these two items for Christmas for the first time.

The first is a Cheesecake cup with ginger snaps as the ‘base’, and a raspberry fruit spread middle. These turned out pretty amazing I must admit. The second was called a Portuguese Tart. It uses puff pastry,┬ácinnamon, egg mixture, orange zest, and topped with a orange┬ácarmel. These were ok, but not as good as the Cheesecake. What I would change is the carmel as you have to eat them hot or it hardens too much. I might sub that out next time with a chocolate.

I’ll post a few more of these in the future with some of my panini creations and other fun creations like the BLT Pasta.

If you like to cook as well, a great site to check out is the Sorted Food Site . It features really creative recipes but made in a pretty easy way. These two things I made were not from there, but I look forward to trying some of their items very soon.

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Parents albums this time? Yup! Our brand new parents albums are awesome. Jaime and George actually had their wedding close to two years ago now, but decided since they didn’t have a lot of time for portraits on their wedding day, that they would do an after wedding session. An after wedding session can be the day after your wedding or months or years after. They can be booked if we photographed your wedding or not. It’s a lot of fun, and a great excuse to get that wedding dress back out and have more fun, either by yourself or with your new husband.

Their after wedding session took place in the Jersey City, NJ area and around Liberty Island area with the great scenic background of New York City. It was a great time that started about an hour before sunset and went into the night. There were also images captured inside of their reception location which was the Westin Jersey City. A beautiful hotel with scenic views. It’s a great hotel for New York City events because you can just jump on the path train that is a small walk away.

They decided at that time to make some parents albums for Christmas gifts for their parents. That is right, if you haven’t yet ordered parents albums from your wedding, you can still do so! We keep the files from your wedding safe forever.

Check out the images below, and look for a post down the road with their new album made with their After Wedding Images as well as some from the wedding. I’ll just tell you now…. it looks amazing!

As always if you like what you see, click on the G +1 button at the top or bottom of the post, and call us about your 2013-14 weddings.

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Wishing everyone a happy new year from Jeff Dietz Photography. I look forward to all of the great couples I will get to work with in 2013 and beyond. Make a new years resolution this year to make photos important for you and your family again by hiring a professional for your portrait session, event, wedding, or to capture beautiful photos of your elder loved ones.

Enjoy and eat lots of yummy food and be safe!

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