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Yearly Archives: 2013

Here are a few more images from my fashion portrait series I did with this beautiful model while testing the Phase One IQ140 Medium Format Digital Camera. You will see that I started out the shoot out in the snow near sunset to test some of the cameras dynamic range ability. Then we moved inside to work with some studio setups.

The outfit that you see outside was actually made by a local designer from the Stillwater PA area, Nicole Dumond. A big thanks to her for letting us borrow that as well as some more outfits that you will see in upcoming posts.

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments.

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Testing In the studio with the Phase One IQ140 camera system!

Photographed with the Phase One 645 df w/ IQ140 back


This week I am doing tests with the Phase One 645df camera with the IQ140 back. This is a medium format digital camera, and before you get too worried, no I will not be boring you with all of the crazy technical details. It’s a very different system then I am use to with lots of pluses and some minuses as well. With any camera it has it’s quirks that must be learned.

The photo above features a local HairArtist and Barber Mikey Henger, from the Berwick area. If you are looking for something creative or just regular services, definitely check out the links to his work below.

I will be doing shoots the next couple of days including more portraits as well as some product shots and would love to share some of those with you guys for something new to show. And for all the camera nerds out there, I’ll give you more thoughts later on it as well as my ultimate decisiont.

Stay tuned for more!

To get a hold of Mikey:

Mikey Henger




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Hello everyone

on the streets fujixpro1 review

I love this photo. It was a random person on the streets in time square, but there was something about how he was holding his bag covered in plastic that gave him a sense of ‘lost’ that I really enjoyed as well as the contrast of the white plastic and his black coat. All of the people around him add to that lost feeling as well as the expression on his face

It’s been a while, but I’ve been knee deep in working on everyone’s wedding photos for them. Today I wanted to post some images from my recent trip to New York City to get to know and fall in love more with my Fuji Xpro1 and x100s camera. If you are not familiar with these cameras, they are a throw back to a more simple time with a digital version of some of the old style film cameras. They are perfect cameras for street and photojournalism moments which I love.

With these cameras I also LOVE photographing in black and white. I just feel it fits the mood of these cameras nicely. The contrast in the city is also perfect for showing both the grit and the beauty of it.

Most of these photos were taken in Times Square, and on the subway. Street photography is a growing passion of mine. I just think it’s a lot of fun and really gets your creative eye going. I am far from where I want to be yet with this style, but I hope you enjoy some of the images that I took. A lot of these were testing the abilities of the camera but also some great moments I think.

I found myself interested in taking pictures of everyone on their phones and taking ‘selfies’ type of photos. There is something about taking a photo of them while they were taking a photo was interesting.

Below are a few of these images for you to enjoy and I will try to make a few notes on each. Leave comments below on what is your favorite photo!


couple nyc fujixpro1

I love photographing the older couples holding hands as they walk through the streets. It’s the simple things some times. I also find photographing in the intersections are some of the best spots.

One of the ‘selfies’ photos that I took of people taking photos of themselves

This one was one of my favorites. I liked how the three people in a triangle around the coupe in the middle were all taking photos with their phones and all facing in different directions

A bit of a cliche NYC time square photo but…. they were in good light, so what can I say

A great test of the cameras dynamic range with the buildings and sky as well as the black and white contrast. That bit of sunshine reflection peaking through the building adds a little something extra to the photo

I took this one just thinking it would be a good test of the macro mode of the camera. It turned out really neat with the black and white contrast but also all of the texture that was in the garbage can. The bent, punched in part of the garbage can is what makes this interesting

Another shot from the subway

photoplus nyc fuji xpro1

This is a photo I took while at the PhotoPlus Expo at the Javit’s center.

new york city streets fuji xpro1

What I liked about this one is all of the contrasting lines in the street , mixed with the guy in black walking across the street balanced with the white car on the other side. The fact that the guys left photo is in motion in the air, adds that needed bit of motion to the photo

There was just something interesting about this guy as I road the path train into NYC

fuji xpro1 new york path train photo

A random group of people across the seat on the subway with me. I liked the contrast of the white coat in the middle of two darker coats.












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So did you know I have a beautiful 1,500 sq ft meeting area at the house to meet with couples and potential couples?

Photography studio clarks summit pa

The main area of the showroom

I am located in Clarks Summit, which is not too far above Scranton and Wilkes Barre, and even not far from locations like Binghamton, NY and Allentown and surrounding areas.

The showroom features a living room like environment that is very comfortable for us to sit and talk, in order to get to know each other a bit more. You have seen my work on the website, but this gives you an opportunity to talk face to face and also see some of the awesome sample albums we have here in person. Seeing them really does show the power that a beautiful finished storybook album can have.

The other part of the showroom is a viewing area. Here I can show you a slide show of images, point out specific images from the venue you will be at, or describe conceptual ideas. It can also be used for you to come back after your wedding to proof your album design and make finishing touches while viewing on the 60″ screen, as well as order prints. This can be helpful some times in person so that you can finish the design right away, which of course means your printed album will be back in your hands sooner.

The importance of getting to know your potential photographer beyond just looking at the images on their website and their pricing sheet is a big one. This is a person that will be with you in some of the most intimate of moments on one of the most important day in your life. Why would you want to select this person without meeting with them or talking with them first?

This is one of the main reasons I do not put my pricing sheet on my website. I want to talk to you! I want you to know more about what it is that I do that sets me apart. With a boutique service like I offer, we will not ‘win’ you over if all you are wanting to do is compare my package A with someone else’s package A and select the person that gives you the most amount of things for the least amount of money. After all, when else in life does that also equal the best quality? It’s about so much more then just the investment price. I could write an entire long post about this topic alone, but for now we will leave it at that.

Also, a large majority of the people that book me come from other areas all across the country and are either having me travel to them or they are coming into my area only for their wedding. I have couples from California, Nevada, Ohio, Rhode Island, New York City, New Jersey, Florida and more. So do not worry, there is an option for us to talk as well! I offer both phone and skype video meetings as well. This gives us the opportunity to still have a connection and get to know each other a bit without having to be face to face in person. When you are ready to book, you can access my online booking system that will have you sign your contract online and make your retainer payment directly through the site.

This applies for after your wedding as well, as everything can be proofed online, from your print orders to your Wedding album. Below are some more images of the showroom for you to check out as well.

So don’t delay. Meet with your photographer and get to know them and what they are about. 2014 dates are flying off the shelves so it is never too early to start discussing and book your date. To contact me and fill out the inquiry form CLICK HERE.

Talk to you soon!

photography viewing studio for meetings clarks summit

The Viewing room, equipped with 60″ screen, seating area, surround sound, and apple tv.

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Roza & Michael – Scranton Hilton, Scranton PA

Back again with another great wedding to show you. Roza & Michael you will remember from their engagement photos in New York City’s Central Park and Chelsea.

Their wedding took place at the Scranton Hilton. All of their photos were in the downtown Scranton square as well as Nay Aug Park. This couple was a real pleasure to work with. For their wedding website we did something new with a neat little intro video. You can check that out by going to

It was an interesting wedding and new experience for me at the reception as it was a mix of American music and Albanian music. All together tons of fun! Look for an upcoming post showing off their wedding album as well.

Enjoy the images below

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Hello everyone!

I am back from my trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republican and back in the swing of editing tons of weddings and making some cool photos. It’s been a while since I posted so I am going to be making several posts the next two weeks showcasing weddings from this year.

The first is Hilary and John’s wedding from early this year. Their wedding took place at the Inne of the Abingtons in Clarks Summit, PA. It was definitely an interesting wedding. Why you say? Because we fell right in the middle of the Office Wrap Up party! After the ceremony we went right outside Elm Park United Methodist Church where the bride’s dad is a pastor and watched the parade as it went by.

It wasn’t soon after the parade started that the groomsmen got to work approaching all of the cast members to take a photo with the bride and groom. We were pleased to find that 80% of them did actually stop to take a photo! What a great memory for the couple, and to be honest for me too! It’s not every day you have a wedding that you get to photograph Jim and Pam!

Below are some of the images from the wedding. Check them out and enjoy!

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Hello everyone

Here is a quick post to show off some of the really cool photos I did in DUMBO park in Brooklyn, NY with Catapult member and local Jaime Verazin.

Jaime, originally from the Wilkes Barre, PA area, is someone that I had photographed several years ago and is a real blast to work with. We decided a few weeks ago to get together again and have some fun in New York City taking some photos! It was tons of fun per usual.

Working with a dancer is really different an interesting as they have a real sense of how to move in front of the camera (obviously). But it’s also fun because they seem to like to just jump on random things and make them into dance props, just as I love to photography by creating things out of nothing. So it’s a great fit!

I will be doing more in the future with dancers, as well as hopefully Jaime.

But for now make sure to tune in tonight on America’s Got Talent on NBC at 9pm to see her perform with the group Catapult.

If you didn’t see it before, Catapult is the group of dancers that uses shadows and created a scene of a diamond heist.

If you are a dancer and want to be considered for my upcoming dance photo and video projects, please feel free to send me a message with your information.

Enjoy and good luck tonight Jaime!

P.S. Even more photos to come soon!

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Hello everyone

I am editing the wedding of Matt and Amnee from the Glen Oak Country Club and couldn’t help but to put an image up quick that I just finished. One of those great moments from the reception.

I am knee deep in editing to get everything done for everyone. However soon I will be posting some images from May and June weddings for you to check out.

For now enjoy this fun image.

P.S. Chicken and Broccoli from Peach and Lily in Clarks Summit is apparently my editing weakness.

Glen Oak Country club wedding

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