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Monthly Archives: February 2012

What better way to have a lasting memory from your engagement and wedding guests then to have an engagement album that your guests can sign right at the wedding! The image above is from the recent New Years Eve Height Wedding held in Williamsport, PA

I have done these a lot now for couples and they are always a huge hit. Normally they are set out at the reception greeting table with a small card instructing people to please leave a message for the couple, written directly on the pages!

These albums, like all of my albums, are top of the line and guaranteed to last! Using a fast drying pen made for these albums, there are no worries about smudging as people write.

Ask about how you can add one of these beauties to your engagement session!

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Hello everyone!

This is a quick post to show the newly updated wedding website of Tom and Angie from their New Years Eve wedding which was in Williamsport, PA.

This couple was so much fun to work with. Hopefully this post and updated website will make Tom feel a little bit better about Tom Brady and the Patriots getting beat in the superbowl! Although he did win the couples first argument and test of their marriage when the Patriots beat the Broncos! (sorry guys had to say it!).

Enjoy looking through their wedding site. There you will see tons of info from their wedding, wedding and engagement photos, and even their finished wedding album!

All of my couples have the ability to add this awesome costume designed website to their wedding options. It is such a great one stop shop for sending your wedding guests and family to in order to see things from your wedding!

Ask about booking your 2012 or 2013 wedding today!

To see the site in full outside of this window go to:  (although the site is fully functioning in the post as well)

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Hello everyone!

I am happy to report that I will once again be at the Ritz Building for Scranton’s First Friday event, conducting my Artist’s Portrait Project with select members of the crowd. That is this Friday March 2 starting at 5pm at the Ritz Building at 222 Wyoming Ave in Scranton.

I am also very happy to report that for the first time a selection of some of my Wedding and Portrait art will be on display in the hall of the Ritz Building. These are not from the artists portrait project (those are coming later), but a highlight of some fun images from the past couple of years.

I highly encourage you to stop by and see if your image is hanging! You can also ask about a special opportunity to buy those prints if you are featured in them.

Also if you are a very interesting looking person (how do we define that really?) make sure to hang out around the Ritz building to see if you will be selected to be photographed for the artists session! (little hint: I love photographing grandparents!)

If you want to get more information about First Friday Scranton and all of the cool events and artists walks that they do, you can go to their website at: 

I hope to see you all there!!

Posts coming soon: 2011 Wedding Highlights, updates to the Backstage pass site, blog and website redesign updates.

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So recently I have been hard at work doing some personal projects that will be part of an upcoming photo exhibit at a First Friday event in Scranton. More details to come.

It’s been an interesting exercise through this process. Mostly due to the fact that I am so use to being able to post an image from a really awesome shoot that I just did. Keeping a lid on the images is really something that is a challenge. Especially since I feel some of these images are my favorite that I have ever taken to date.

This past Friday I did a live photoshoot with select people that were in attendance at the First Friday Scranton event at the Ritz building on Wyoming ave. I will be doing a few more of these sessions coming up soon, hopefully the next being the Ice Festival in Clarks Summit. The images are simple yet powerful. I enjoyed talking with everyone and getting to hear about some of their stories and made some great connections along the way. It makes it pretty exciting to see what is going to come of all of this and I can’t wait to show them to everyone!

Could I post some now? Yea probably. But what fun is that? I want everyone to get excited like I am and come out to see them in print, revealed for the first time! It will be hard to keep them under wraps for the next month or so, but I am really excited for their opening.

Stay tuned for more information!

Coming up soon in posts: – More highlights from the Miami shoot. The updated Height wedding website, more engagement images and website!

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