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Hello everyone!

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very special extra Happy Holidays to all of my lovely couples and clients! It’s been a great year of photos and I can’t wait to end the year with the Height New Years Eve Wedding next weekend!

I wanted to post for you a quick photo from Paul & Carolyn’s engagement session that we did at Kings College and Wilkes Barre town square early this week. We even took a few photos inside of Rodano’s in Wilkes Barre.

Enjoy and have a great holiday season!

COMING SOON: the AJ+LJ After Wedding Session and Album from Miami, Florida, The Baptista Wedding Website, Paul & Carolyn’s Website, 2011 highlights and stories, updates to the BackStage site (for booked wedding couples only)



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Hello everyone!

I am hard at work editing the After Wedding Session of AJ & LJ from South Beach in Miami, Florida. I am almost done with another day or so of editing. However I am really excited about the images and wanted to just share two quick ones for you to enjoy.

I was also in Wilkes Barre today doing an Engagement Session with Paul and Carolyn. It was a fun shoot through the streets of Wilkes Barre and Kings. Lots more to come from AJ & LJ’s session as well as Paul and Carolyn.

Thanks again! Enjoy!

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Hi everyone

As I finish up the images to AJ&LJ’s after wedding session from Miami Beach Florida, I thought that I would put up a few more from the model session that I did earlier that day. Enjoy!

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Hello everyone
Well I finally had a moment to sit back and compile a bunch of the random photos that I took on my trip to Miami Beach last week. Most of these photos were taken with my ‘street’ camera the Fuji x100.

I am going to try to post a bunch of the pictures and then tell a little bit about them as well. Some I will highlight and some I will just be grouping together and you can look through them as you want.

WARNING: I am not claiming these photos to be anything amazing, haha. They were just fun ‘tourist’ images as I was roaming around. Some I really like, but most were just quick snaps for fun.


So I actually stayed at two different hotels. The couple put me up in a great hotel for two of my nights, and then I figured I would switch hotels for the second part of my trip to experience two different areas. The first hotel was the Dorchester on Collins Ave.  It was a very nice hotel that had a nice outdoor sitting area. It was also host to one of the art exhibits. The time that I was there in miami it was the time that they were having their large arts festival: Art Basel. Of course this added to a lot of fun in my off time to be able to go around and look at some pretty amazing pieces of art work. This hotel of the two, actually ended up being the quieter of the two. It was also a ‘nicer’ part of town. Now that sounds weird since the second hotel was a lot closer to places like Ocean Drive and some of the bigger shops. However I found the second location was a lot ‘rougher’ part of town.

The second hotel was the Chesterfield Suites. This hotel was also on Collins but a lot further south and closer to Ocean Drive action. It was really nice in that the rooms were much larger, and had a lot of ‘style’ to them. Some people did not like the purple and green walls, but I thought it was interesting as it is not something that you see very often. I am all about different!

Check the slideshow for some photos from the Chesterfield Suites:

Lincoln Road – Shopping

Lincoln road shops (outdoor mall) was pretty much a nightly stop. It was a looonggg walk but everything was since I didn’t have a car there. So each night, depending on which hotel I was at, I would walk a half mile to a mile to get to the Lincoln Shops. The shops themselves is another mile long stretch with tons of amazing outdoor restaurants, art galleries, and high end shopping (I bought nothing, ha)

This was also probably the best place to sit and people watch at night. The fashion in Miami is pretty amazing. Everyone dressed all out to go to eat for the night. The amazing food that I tried as Pizza Rustica, and Tiramesu. Can you tell I like Italian Food? I also tried the amazing desert place Ghirardelli

In the slideshow you will see a bunch of images just from running around the town in Lincoln Road

Miami Everglades & Gator Park

So then we get to the Everglades trip and the Gator Park at Safari Park. This was a lot of fun. I will say that I thought that the Gator Show itself was rather small and boring. However, the airboat ride was one of the funnest parts about the trip! I had my GoPro Hero Underwater video camera ready and did some awesome video of the boat ride as it whipped through the water. I will be editing that video of the entire trip (including the bride in the ocean) a bit later and sharing it in another post.

We got to see a bunch of gators in their natural environment swimming around and laying out in the woods. We then went back to the gator show part where they showed a few animals including a snack, full gator and baby gator, as well as frog and a spider. The boat ride was still the best part of this portion by far.

The guides were nice and I swear it looked like a page taken right out of “Swamp People” tv show ha. For lunch I tried a gator tail sandwich! It was definitely interesting. Of course…. it tasted like chicken. However it was a bit chewier and had a tiny bit of spice to it. But pretty good non the less. See photos in the slideshow

Ocean Drive

When I was staying at the Chesterfield I spent a lot of time walking around Ocean Drive and all of the lovely outdoor restaurants. That was definitely one of my favorite parts about Miami was that all of the restaurants were outside. It was so peaceful to just sit outside at night, which was still about 75 degrees and just people watch as you ate.

In addition to the restaurants that were there, there were a lot of other things to see. Of course I spent a good half day just sitting on the beach enjoying relaxing. There were also a lot of scenes to see that you would know from famous movies. You will see a photo of Johnnie Rockets, above which was were the ‘Chainsaw scene’ was filmed from the movie Scarface. You will also see a couple photos of the famous hotels and the Versace Mansion. The movie Birdcage was also filmed in this area, although I think that was one of the worst movies of all time ha. They also claim in front of one of the hotels, which was Humphrey Bogarts favorite hotel, was the care used in the movie Casablanca. I have my doubts that it was the actual car, but they claim that it is.

Other famous shops

Not far from the second hotel you would also see a lot of shops owned by ‘famous’ people. I saw the Rock Shop, owned by rocker Tommy Lee, Dash owned by the Kardashians, and the famous Miami Ink Tattoo shop. I was very much the tourist and took photos of those as well that you will see above. There were a few other well known restaurants like Jerry’s famous Deli that you will see in the photos.

Conclusion, and things to come

So that was my trip to Miami Beach. I hope you enjoyed reading this and hearing a little bit about my trip.

Of course the most exciting part is yet to come! Which is of course the images from LJ & AJ’s after wedding session! I am actually finishing up the wedding album for the Batista Wedding and then will shortly be finishing the LJ & AJ photos and can’t wait to post and share them with you!

Thanks again and keep checking back and leaving comments for me to read!







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Hello everyone

I am going to type more about this video in the afternoon so you might see this post update (so check back). But I wanted to post for you a video I did of a recent album of The Nungesser wedding. I just delivered their album a bit ago and it was hard for me to wait until they saw it before posting this video!

This album is a great example of one of my storybook albums. I do the design work for the couple that tells the story of their day. It is much better then a book of random photos. This album they can open whenever they want and relive the story of their wedding.

This wedding took place in Scranton PA at the Scranton Radisson at Lackawanna Station . All of their photos were done either at the Radisson or walking throughout the downtown of Scranton creating images on the spot as we walked.

The album features our very popular plexiglass see thru cover. This is a really neat cover as the first page of the book will shine through the see thru cover! It also features a really beautiful embossed leaf brown leather. As you run your hands over the cover you can feel the embossing on the album. It has a classic look with a new flair to it.

I am going to be posting a lot more videos and photos like this coming soon with people’s albums so you can get a better idea of what I do.

I use the very best album company in the country sparing no expense. I want this album to last forever and be something that you pass to your children and grandchildren. These albums are made with a lot of love by hand by a great album company. I searched for two years before I found this company. Not only do they have really different cover options (as you will see soon), they also allow me to work with page spreads that have no break lines, cut marks or bad gutters in the middle crease of the book, making for a truely lay flat style album.

I hope that you enjoy the album. Leave comments below, and of course, don’t forget to tell your friends to book us for 2012 & 2013!



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Hello everyone!!

Well I am back from a great trip to Miami Beach Florida where I did a few photoshoots. This was including Sandy’s model portrait shoot as well as of course LJ & AJ’s After wedding session!

I am going to post a lot more about the trip over the coming days and tons more photos. But I just wanted to put one up quick so you can see what I have been up to! Today and this weekend is definitely catch up time on some editing.



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Hello everyone

I am off for an adventure Saturday morning for a few days in sunny Miami Beach for an awesome After Wedding Session on the beach and boardwalk. You might remember LJ & AJ’s recent wedding from The Franklin Institute? Well they will be featured in Sunday’s photo session in Miami, FL. 

I can’t wait!

In addition this I will be doing some additional photoshoots with a few models from modeling agencies such as Ford, Elite, and Wilhelmina as well as a few local people. What I might be even more excited about is that I will be doing a lot of street photography throughout south beach, the art deco area and the Design District.

I will also be working on a few surprise things while I am there that I hope to bring you more info about as it unfolds.

Definitely keep an eye on the blog during the week as I will be posting a lot of images, mostly of the fun street photography work that I am going to be doing. I will have with me my trusty street camera the Fuji X100.

I can’t wait to share all of the details of the trip with you. I am going to be putting a lot of documenting on this trip.

Also going on if you haven’t gotten the email is the annual HUGE Christmas sale!


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