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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Hello everyone
Some of you have wondered why I have been in Philadelphia twice this past week shooting. Well here is one of them! I was once again one of the ‘instructors’ at the PhillyPhotogShootOut event held in center city Philadelphia. This is the same group I worked with in Atlantic City a few months back. YES!, It was bitter cold! I believe about 16 degrees? You don’t even notice it though when you are out having fun shooting. At least that is what I tell myself :). Below you will see a video featuring some of my work by the very talented Aubert Films.

You will also see my photos below.

I am very close to saying that Philly is growing on me. Now I just have to find a way to get there without the hassle of driving! Also keep an eye out for another post probably tomorrow from my other day shooting in Philly with the Circle of 8 which I am a part of. Enjoy!

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