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Monthly Archives: December 2008

So everything happens for a reason. I have not been able to get my old posts back but thats ok. We have a new year coming and we are going to start nice and fresh. I will once again be relaunching my attempt for my new years resolution to blog every day!

I was blessed to be able to work at some many cool venues this year. So I have decided over the next week I am going to be posting images from a different Venue every day.

Today’s post is going to feature the awesome Allentown Brew Works. Christie and Joey had their wedding the day before in Allentown, and I decided to invite them to a next day shoot in the streets of Allentown, PA. I walked into the Allentown Brew Works and asked them if I could bring in a couple for a shoot. They were so nice and gave me a tour of the place and said, GO FOR IT!

So we shot in both the Brew Works and then went around the town of Allentown for some more shots. This shoot by accident created one of my favorite photos of the year! You will see it in the slideshow. It is the image of the two of them against a large white wall balanced with a tree on the other side. I almost didn’t take this shot because the shadow that I originally wanted to shoot there had disappeared. I decided to shoot it anyway, and I love it!

By the way, the Allentown Brew Works will be using these images in their upcoming advertisement in Lehigh Valley Style Magazine. Make sure to pick up your copy! I believe it is the January issue.

Enjoy the images! Don’t forget to leave comments!

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As you can tell a lot has changed on this blog over night. Some of that was actually done on purpose… others not so much. I took the time today to completely update the blog site to the new wordpress software and theme software that I use for my blog. In doing so, everything was deleted. Fun right?

So I am in the process for the next few days of completely updating and rebuilding everything to get it looking lovely, fresh, and new. Please stick in there during this process. There are some cool things to come and I can’t wait to get started blogging to you all about it!

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